Updated Chatou Nature Website

Hi All.

Following the departure of the great tits I’ve been updating the Chatou Nature Blog website so that I can keep following and documenting more of the nature in my garden. If you are interested please do check out the new website. The link is the same but to be sure it can be found at.

Chatou Nature Home

I intend to try and follow the activity of some of the different garden visitors throughout the year. I will not be blogging daily but I will be updating the various nature logs within the site. I will then post any interesting news as and when it happens.

One of my new projects since the departure of the great tits is that I have installed a hedgehog box with a video camera. We have several hedgehogs regularly visiting the garden and it would be fantastic if I could get them using the box. I’ll be keeping a weekly log of my efforts and you can find the first weekly log update at the following link.

Hedgehog Log – 2020

As a preview a video of the first Hedgehog visitor is shown below.

If you have and comments or suggestions on the new site please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks to you all.

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