Chatou Nature Update – 14/06/20

Weather : Cool and overcast for most of the week with some heavy rain showers.

Notes : I repeated the Jam sandwich trick this week but no further sightings of the Beech Marten. It may be several weeks before it is seen again.

I’ve been watching the hedghog house closely which has been getting regular visits. The hedgehogs are now using it as a nice location for a midnight nap in between feeding. I’ve got lots of footage from the week and all the updates can be found in the hedgehog log.

The mice are still active and have even been using the inside of the hedgehog house.

Although they are still active I would say they have been less visible during the day and are only rarely showing up on the cameras. I’m not sure if this is because of their nesting activity. If so, and if this is successful, at some point I may start to see lots more mice!

The bird sighting of the week was definitely a marsh tit. I didn’t get a picture of the actual visitor so I’ll cheat and use a library picture.

I spotted it in the garden on the 10th June, feeding on the fat balls. I remember seeing this bird quite often when we first moved in 4 years ago but I haven’t seen one for a couple of years.

For this and all the notes on the activity last week take a look at the Bird log.

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