Chatou Nature Update – 28/06/20

Weather : Very hot temperatures nearly all week, up to 35oC.

Notes : I didn’t send a post last week as I had no significant news but this week there is a definite update.

Firstly, specifically today, we have had the first all-day stay of a hedgehog in the new house. Obviously Hedgehogs are essentially nocturnal so they need somewhere to rest and sleep during the day. Up until now the hedgehogs have been using the house to feed and take nighttime naps.

The first daytime occupant, hopefully a significant development, is shown below.

For more information and all the pictures and videos on the hedgehog activity over the last 2 weeks check out the Hedgehog Log.

The second good news this week is a new sighting of the Beech Marten, the first since 3rd June.

It was only a brief visit for a drink from the water dish, but it was captured on video and can be found on the updated log of beech marten sightings.

On a different scale I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the insects in the garden as essentially the summer months are the peak time. I know very little about the vast majority of insects so it will be a very good way of boosting my knowledge. I’ve started to try and log some information on the bees and butterflies but this week I found a fantastic stag beetle. I really can’t remember every having picked up one of these before.

I didn’t get a photo of THE beetle so this library picture will have to do. They are not my fingers but it really is that big.

They need dead wood to thrive so hopefully the log pile I installed in January to attract more insects is part of the reason that I’ve now found one in the garden. I will keep my eyes open for more.

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