Chatou Nature Update – 27/07/20

Monday 27/07/20

Nearly a month since the last blog post. In this time only 1 more Beech Marten sighting has been added to the log and that on 29th June, so no recorded visits thus far in July.

The Hedgehogs have continued to be very active in the garden and the box was in quite regular use, including a couple of times when the hedgehog stayed in the box throughout the day.

However the last of these long stays was the 7th July and since then the house has not been used.

All of this has been recorded in the weekly hedgehog log.

Also included in the log is the information from the last week when I’ve participated in a citizen science project to record information across France on hedgehog activity. It’s called ‘Mission Herisson’ and you can find all the info via their website.

It’s a nice experiment which is done by recording footprints in a hedgehog tunnel, something that is really easy to make and set-up at home.

So even if you don’t want to participate in the Mission Herisson but would like to know if you have hedgehogs in your garden, it could be worth having a go.

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