World CleanUp Day

Hi all! A little difference to this blog post as it is not a nature update from the garden but I wanted to share something important and close to my heart.

Like many many people I’m a big hater of litter and the pollution it creates. I often do a bit of litter picking as a way of doing my bit and helping out to keep our environment as clean as possible.

So I wanted to share with you all that this Saturday is World Cleanup day. A day dedicated to raising awareness of the problem and organising, and getting as many people as possible participating, in clean-up events across the world.

They have an excellent an easy to navigate website where you can find all the information and either register your own event or sign-up to one near to where you are.

I’ve signed up for a couple of hours on Saturday morning for a clean-up organised by a friend of mine, shout out to Mr Tim Black, on the banks of the seine.

The whole concept of world clean-up day is a really great initiative to get people thinking about and helping to solve this very serious problem. So if you have a little time on Saturday please to consider participating.

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