Merry Christmas

The occasional mouse sighting aside it’s been a very quiet end to the year in the garden. The hedgehogs are hibernating, the beech marten is not visiting and not a nut has been touched in the squirrel feeder.

The birds have been pretty active and I’m hoping for a nice cold spell soon which would likely bring in more visitors. A word of advice, that your probably already well aware of, but if we get a cold spell do keep your bird feeders topped up and ensure some non frozen drinking water is available. You never know what will come looking for food!

I plan to share a couple of blog posts in the coming weeks with a recap of all the nature activity I’ve seen and recorded in 2020, some updated graphs coming your way! I’m also preparing myself for a great nature year in 2021, with a variety of nest boxes and feeders set up for Hedgehogs, squirrels, Great Tits, Robins, Swifts and Blackbirds.

For all the obvious reasons it’s been a difficult year but I’ve had a fantastic time writing this blog. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount and it has been wonderful to share it with you all. Thankyou all so much for your feedback and comments throughout the year which have only ever been kind and encouraging.

Again, thankyou for following the blog and I wish you and all your families and loved ones a safe, healthy and very Merry Christmas.

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