The Hedgehog Awakes

A first hedgehog sighting this week, the first since the 15th November. Caught for the sake of posterity on the video below.

The hedgehogs have been hibernating since Mid-November although they do break hibernation periodically during winter. This week, just before Christmas we had a little 2 day warm patch with nightime temperatures up to 12-13oC. I thought it may be a trigger but no hedgehog activity was recorded.

Then on the night of 26th-27th December we had the arrival of Storm Bella over Paris. It was not a very severe winter storm but it did bring very high winds and lots of rain with a nightime temperature around 3oC. It was actually on this night that the video was taken.

It may be a coincidence but it seems that it was the storm rather than the temperature which triggered the hedgehog activity.

On the next night, last night, I had 2 further sightings, so it seems that this individual is still active.

We are forecast a generally cold spell, potentially with some snow, so I imagine this would rather encourage the hedgehog quickly back into hibernation.

However in case it remains active for a few more days I will now leave out some food for a couple of nights. A free and easy meal would provide a real boost to the hedgehog as it tries to maintain condition through winter.

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