Hedgehog Nest Update – 2nd May

The same hedgehog is still in the house, he’s now been there a month, and after several very clear pictures and videos, I have evidence, I’m 100% sure that it is definitely a ‘he’.

I’m now becoming quite familiar with his movements and activities, which are quite surprisingly regular.

A daily activity, perhaps the highest priority for the hedgehog, is nest maintenance.

Every day fresh mouthfuls of leaves are taken in to refresh the bedding, although as I’ve previously noted, nothing ever seems to come out. Somedays this is just a few mouthfuls but occasionally a good 10-15 minutes is spent on the job.

Then there is scratching, which the hedgehog does several times a day. He often spends quite a bit of time just outside the entrance of the house having a good scratch.

I assume this is essential for pest control. Hedgehogs are susceptible to ticks and fleas which can become quite a problem if left unchecked.

In general the hedgehog spends quite a bit of time just outside the entrance. Another typical behaviour is to sniff the air, and here is a pretty intense session, which ends, as most other activities do, with a bit of scratching.

And sometimes the hedgehog just comes out for some air, and maybe a think.

I really don’t know how long the hedgehog will stay. Is he now set for the summer or is he likely to move off at some point? I have seen that he tends to be outside scratching more often and I guess a typical problem might be that as the weather hots up the number of pests and insects might increase. If this happens it might provoke my resident to move on. I shall see but hopefully not.

Last word of the week is not Hedgehog related but goes to the swifts who have indeed returned with my first group being spotted high up above the house on the 28th April.

So summer is now semi-officially starting.

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