Robin Nest Day 6

As predicted, but still good news, the second egg was laid this morning.

The Robin is very regular in its movements. It arrives in the Nest between 07:30-08:00 in the morning and leaves after laying an egg, yesterday at 08:09 and today 08:21. Very consistent.

Apart from the egg laying moment the Robin is not visiting the nest, I’ve not even seen one in the vicinity. If it wasn’t for the camera in the nest box I would never know that a robin was building a nest and laying eggs. It’s staying well away to ensure that the location of the nest is maintained as secret as possible from potential predators.

It means that until they start incubating, when the female will need to be present in the nest, it is very difficult to spot an active Robin nest. Once the chicks have hatched and the adults are continually bringing in food the presence of the nest will become much more obvious. This will be the period of high risk when the nest is more likely to be predated.

The nest box condition at the end of the day (22:30) is shown below.

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