Robin Nest Day 24

It’s hard to be sure as my video quality is not amazing, but I’m now pretty sure that all six chicks have hatched in the nest. Probably the nearest I’ve got to a positive verification of this is the video below.

This is a big brood for the Robins so they are going to have to work hard to get them all out. This is going to be a lot of feeding in the next two weeks. A good sign is that both adults are actively present and sharing the feeding duties. This increases the survival chances enormously.

It also worth saying that over the last couple of weeks here in Paris we’ve had unseasonably cool and really quite wet weather. Not ideal conditions for the Robins to find food. This seems to have passed now and we’re entering a warmer, drier period, another factor that’ll increase the chances for the Robins.

On nest predator watch there have been no alerts yet and nothing to report. The nest is really well concealed, and the Robins are still very, very discreet. It hasn’t attracted any attention from the Magpies or Jays who I’ve not seen in the vicinity. Also my prowling cats, probably the biggest threat of all seem unaware.

I’ve still got the nest streaming live, and the activity is naturally becoming more intense, so don’t hesitate to check it out here.

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