Robin Nest Day 27

Weather : Warm with occasional heavy rain showers.

Notes : We’re now getting to the ‘business’ end of this nest with just over 1 week to go until the chicks should fledge.

The chicks are still being supplied by both adults and today they have again increased the frequency of the feeding trips. They’ll both be working on a hot pace for the next two weeks. Unfortunately the video quality in this nest box is not great, I can see a Winter upgrade project coming, so it’s quite difficult to distinguish the different insects being provided to the chicks. In the video below there seems to be quite a large grasshopper type insect which the chick takes down remarkably easily.

As from yesterday the Female is no longer sitting on the nest during the night, obviously this additional warmth is no longer required. It means that the adults stay active much later into the evening with feeding going on until they really lose the light around 22:00.

The nest box photo today, taken at 19:30, shows the beaks of all six chicks, waiting for more food.

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