Robin Nest Day 32 – (Friday 9th)

Something I haven’t mentioned before but which is striking is that the activity in the nest happens in absolute silence. For a long time I thought it was likely a problem with my recording equipment, but I’m now pretty sure that these chicks do not make a squeak!

Again this is quite a contrast to the Great Tit chicks that I filmed last year and which make a lot of noise, particularly as they beg for food from the adults.

As before this contrast and the silence of the Robin chicks, is I guess linked to their concealment strategy. They are doing everything to keep the nest hidden.

As the chicks are now getting bigger keeping it clean is becoming much more of a problem. Especially during the night it’s easy to see lots of insects moving around the nest. One of the principal attractions is the Poo, which during the night tends to accumulate.

This creates a challenge for the adults who do their best to keep it clean.

Final shot from the nest yesterday, showing six healthy looking chicks.

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