Double Beech Marten

I’ve been having a bit of a lean period for Beech Marten activity in the garden this year. So far only 2 sightings and nothing at all during June, which, based on previous years, should be a good period.

I have been quite busy though and I must admit I have not very assiduous in the setting up of the camera and food.

But then a couple of nights ago I recorded this.

Wow oh Wow. Double Beech Marten. A Pair. This is a first for me.

They’ve had a good look around the hedgehog feed station and taken a drink from the water dish before seemingly getting started and jumping off. One also very kindly walked directly passed the camera and clearly shows a very distinct missing chunk of fur on its tale.

They both seem of a similar size which is interesting. Beech Martens are solitary except for family groups, typically Mothers with Kits, or mating pairs. A Kit from this year would I think look smaller than the adult and a Kit from last year would now be independent. Therefore I’m assuming from the sizes that this is a mating pair.

I’ve read that mating happens between June-August, so this would also fit. The gestation period for a female lasts up to 9 months, so if they are mating it is for kits that would be born next spring.

An absolutely fantastic sighting, the jam sandwiches are going back in the garden and I’ll see if I can lure them back.

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