The Missing Biscuits

There’s been a small mystery in the garden this week to keep me on my toes.

I haven’t had any hedgehog visits for a few nights now, which is quite normal for this time of year when many have already started hibernating. But I did continue to leave out a bit of food in the hedgehog feed station, just in case.

I generally check it in the morning and when there has been no activity, as happened this week, the food dish looks untouched.

You shouldn’t really leave untouched food out all day, it is not very good for the hedgehogs and it may attract unwelcome visitors, but on one day this week I forgot to take it in. Returning home in the evening I was surprised to see that it had nearly all been eaten.

This must have happened during the day and it was clearly not hedgehogs.

I’m afraid that suspect No.1 was a rat or perhaps several rats that had found this easy food source lying around. I couldn’t image that mice would be able to eat so much so quickly.

So I continued to leave a little food out during the day and today the mystery has been solved.

My cat has now found its way into the cat proof hedgehog feed station!

I feed the hedgehogs dry cat biscuits, so no surprise that he is interested, but it is a pretty good effort to squeeze his way in. He has to get through two openings and across an entry chamber.

I have also now seen the same cat appearing on the inside of the hedgehog house, which again requires quite an effort.

I will say that this is the smaller of my two 1 year old cats and he still really is quite little. The bigger brother doesn’t seem able to get into these tight spaces. So I can image that as he gets older, bigger and a bit less agile, I know the feeling well, he may stop of his own accord.

But as a precaution I think that during the winter I’ll extend the entry tunnels into the feed station and house to make them a little bit more cat proof.

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