Parakeets are Back

I’ve spent a lot of time watching the bird feeder action this week and although no new birds have turned up in the garden the Parakeets have made a bit of a return.

They are not fully back in their previous numbers but when they do come in they seem to be the dominant force and are able to push the still ever present Jays away. The Jay in the video below was one such victim.

I have seen the Dunnocks again this week but feeding on the ground is still a risky business for the birds in my Garden. The cats tend to be more active in the morning and one of them has firmly staked out an ambush point in the bushes to the left of the feeders.

He’s pretty well hidden but he’s there.

Thankfully they are not very successful at actually catching anything but it does have the effect of keeping the birds away from the garden.

I’m very happy with the bird feeder camera I set up using only a very cheap, 10Euro camera. Due to my technical limitations I can’t keep it streaming 24/7 but you can find the link here and I will keep it streaming today for any of you that are interested to have a look.

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