A Very Little Winter Action

There’s been a lot more hedgehog activity in the garden so far during this years winter/hibernation period. I’ve regularly had a rather small hedgehog visiting, here he is below.

It’s only a small hedgehog and this is probably why it is out and about. A small individual may not have the reserves to last throughout the winter and It still needs to feed.

As it might be in a vulnerable situation I left out food and water but unfortunately, and despite some attempts to cat-proof the hedgehog feed station, I still have a recurring problem with my cat taking the food.

I’ll keep tring to help but I hope that this little hedgehog makes it through the winter in good health.

Although the bird activity in the garden is really picking up at this time of the year it is quiet for everything else. However I had a bonus moment recently with a nice view of a very active mouse disturbed by a passing hedgehog. Two mammals in the same video, nature spotting gold.

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