Swift Nest Box Roost

After leaving it unplugged over winter, I reconnected the camera in my Swift Nest Box last weekend and I noticed that something has obviously been frequenting the box. It was a bit of a mess.

Well the mystery has been short-lived and the occupant can be revealed.

It is a Great Tit, caught on camera entering the box here at around 18:10 in the evening coming into roost. That’s to say to spend the night sleeping in the box.

It’s done this every night this week since I turned the camera back on. Coming in around 18:00 and then spending all night tucked up in the corner before leaving at dawn, about 07:00.

The roosting itself is not very dramatic, it looks like this.

The box is an ideal place to roost. High up on the back of the house it’s warm, dry and far away from predators.

So although I’ve yet to attract any interest from the swifts at least the box is helping out some bird visitors.

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