Hedgehog House action

This week saw the first Hedgehog visits to the new Hedgehog house. The very first was during the night of 7th to 8th March.

This first hedgehog looked around for a few minutes and then came back for a good sleep, staying from 22:35-00:37.

It was looking pretty cosy whilst a different hedgehog was busy in the feed station.

I had several other visits during the week but the most interesting was the night of 8th-9th when two hedgehogs were inside at the same time.

I’ve never seen this behaviour before with two hedgehogs tolerating each others presence to this level. There was a bit of general pushing but they managed to stay together inside for a couple of hours.

It may be a factor that this is my new, larger, hedgehog house which I made over winter. I changed the design to offer a larger nesting chamber compared to the last house as I hoped that this may encourage it’s use as a breeding nest.

I also put the camera behind a plexiglass screen, hoping to avoid any blockages and blind spots.

But it may be that the larger chamber is a factor in this hedgehog sharing.

For more info on the new hedgehog house I’ve updated the website here, and the live webcam feed is available on youtube.

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