My First Fox

Every morning, or nearly every morning, I dutifully check the overnight contents of the garden trail cameras, and generally it is an exercise in counting the number of hedgehogs. Which is nice but after a couple of years not dramatic. Then very occasionally, amongst all of the hours of hedgehog footage, something surprising, I dare to say more interesting, happens.

This happy moment arrived this morning as during the night I have filmed the visit of a fox, my first I believe, into the garden.  All can be seen below.

A fox visit is a definite wow moment for me, I’ve been filming in the garden for several years already and this is my first fox. However I know for many people in surburban or urban environments a fox in the garden or rummaging through the bins is a nightly nuisance.

I don’t know why I see them so rarely. I live in a very green suburban environment which really should be ideal for ‘urban’ foxes. If anything I’m a bit surprised it’s taken me such a long time to get one on film as they must be around.

But after years of filming, and hours or non-fox footage, I’ve finally got one. I hope that the next visitor doesn’t wait another 2 years to turn up, or perhaps I should say to come back.

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