The Fox and the Egg

Following its’ first visit to my garden on Monday the fox has kept coming back. Not every night, but on several occasions, it came back, typical for an investigation of the Hedgehog Feed station. I guess it could smell the hedgehog food, which is dried cat biscuits, and wanted to get at it.

Obviously, I would love to keep this fox interested in my garden, so I decided on a couple of nights to leave out a little something for it. I was looking for something that would be quite specific to a fox, not too attractive for other animals, so I went with a fresh egg.

I put it in a little dish on top of the hedgehog house.

I know that foxes like eggs and apart from a Beech Marten, which are very infrequent garden visitors, I didn’t think anything else would be interested.

It only took two nights.

On the first night the egg wasn’t touched but on the second the fox came in for it.

So I think I’ll be doing this again, not every night, and maybe I’ll find a better location than the top of the hedgehog feed station.

But now that it has found the garden I want to keep this fox coming back.

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