The Fox meets a Cat

The fox has become a regular garden visitor, maybe because I’ve been bribing it by leaving out eggs.

It’s fantastic, but I did have a slight worry, what would happen if it met up with one of my cats? I thought that this would probably by a problem for the cats, I didn’t want them to get scared or injured.

Well recently it happened, the fox met one of the cats during the night, and it turns out there was no need for my concerns.

It seems from this that the Fox was much more scared of the cat that the other way around. Despite it being much bigger and I imagine stronger.

Maybe the visiting fox is just a juvenile and therefore quite easily scared, or maybe it’s just the difference between domesticated and truly wild animals, which I guess are naturally much more cautious.

However I was quite surprised by the encounter and now I hope that it’s not the cats that scare the fox away.

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