Bird Number 30 – Redstart

It’s taken a long time but I’ve finally, today, recorded my 30th different bird species in the garden. The lucky bird number 30 was a Redstart and I was also very fortunate to record it drinking from the water dish.

I didn’t actually see the bird live, so I’ve only got the video as proof, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a Redstart.

This is a migratory bird, about the size of a Robin, that spends Summers in Northern Europe and winters in Africa. They are not uncommon in general, although they visit gardens pretty rarely.

I’m very glad that this one visited mine.

One thought on “Bird Number 30 – Redstart

  1. That’s great, James. A lovely male Common Redstart (much less common around here than the Black Redstart)! They may breed thinly in St Germain Forest, but they are not at all easy to come across.
    It just shows what turns up when it needs a bit of water!


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