Fighting Foxes

A second fox, yes a second fox, this week came into the garden for a brief visit and it resulted in a rather dramatic fight between the two.

Firstly my ‘regular’ fox arrived.

I’m still struggling with a reliable means of identification but it does seem to be the same individual, and it continues to visit most nights.

Then a little while later a second fox entered the garden. The video is just a couple of seconds, it seems quite hesitant and it definitely looks to be a smaller, darker individual.

Then, only some seconds later it bolts for the fence hole where it is intercepted by the other fox, and a fight takes place. (I very much like the arrival at the end of the spectating cat, two fighting foxes is clearly not enough to phase this cat!)

Finally later that night, after the fight, the first fox returned to the garden, seemingly unharmed in any way.

I find all of this interesting in several ways. Firstly that there is obviously more than one fox in the area. Are they part of the same group, perhaps the fighting indicates not, or is it a complete coincidence that these two cross paths? And is it a sign of a generally increasing local population? I will need to keep watching to have any idea.

However this year is the first that I’ve had any fox visitors and now there are two, I’m classifing it as an abundance of foxes.

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