Chatou Nature Update – 08/09/20

I’ve not been blogging during the summer but I am still keeping up with the garden nature project, and also updating the website logs, records and information. I’ve had a few Beech Marten sightings since the last blog  and I’ve gathered enough info to create a more detailed records page.  The conclusions of my initial,Continue reading “Chatou Nature Update – 08/09/20”

Chatou Nature Update – 28/06/20

Weather : Very hot temperatures nearly all week, up to 35oC. Notes : I didn’t send a post last week as I had no significant news but this week there is a definite update. Firstly, specifically today, we have had the first all-day stay of a hedgehog in the new house. Obviously Hedgehogs are essentiallyContinue reading “Chatou Nature Update – 28/06/20”

Chatou Nature Update – 14/06/20

Weather : Cool and overcast for most of the week with some heavy rain showers. Notes : I repeated the Jam sandwich trick this week but no further sightings of the Beech Marten. It may be several weeks before it is seen again. I’ve been watching the hedghog house closely which has been getting regularContinue reading “Chatou Nature Update – 14/06/20”

Chatou Nature Update – 31/05/20

Weather : Consistent warm sunny weather all week. Slightly warmer than normal for the season and no rain. Notes : We’ve had fantastic warm sunny weather all week. More like mid-summer than late May and whilst not wishing to seem begrudging, nature could really do with some rain. Everything is dry and the ground isContinue reading “Chatou Nature Update – 31/05/20”

Great Tit Nest – 2020 – ‘THE LAST POST’

As promised just one final post, obviously ‘The Last Post’, to conclude the Great Tit Nest blog for 2020. The nest remains empty and the adults and chicks are now out and about. I have seen them, and more often heard them, during the day in the garden. At one point the adult was feedingContinue reading “Great Tit Nest – 2020 – ‘THE LAST POST’”