Weekend National de Comptage des Oiseaux des Jardins

Last weekend was the Weekend National de Comptage des Oiseaux des Jardins here in France, quite a mouth full. As a dutiful nature lover and record keeper I happily participated, making my count during one hour early yesterday morning. The results were not startling but I share them with you below. My Blog remains inContinue reading “Weekend National de Comptage des Oiseaux des Jardins”

Hedgehog Nest Update – 16th May

The same male hedgehog has continued to use the hedgehog house over the last two weeks but there has been a little development. He is getting a ‘tick’ problem, little insects which show up as white spots on skins on the night time camera. Hedgehogs are bothered in this way by a specific type ofContinue reading “Hedgehog Nest Update – 16th May”

Hedgehog Nest Update – 2nd May

The same hedgehog is still in the house, he’s now been there a month, and after several very clear pictures and videos, I have evidence, I’m 100% sure that it is definitely a ‘he’. I’m now becoming quite familiar with his movements and activities, which are quite surprisingly regular. A daily activity, perhaps the highestContinue reading “Hedgehog Nest Update – 2nd May”

Hedgehog Nest Update – 19th April

Another great week. The hedgehog is still nesting in the hedgehog house, it’s still the same one, and I’m still able to watch the comings and goings from the trail camera. The hedgehog, which has been in-situ since the start of April is now staying basically everyday. Unfortunately I can’t see into the nest butContinue reading “Hedgehog Nest Update – 19th April”