Beech Marten Records

Now that I’ve had several sightings there is a little bit of data to analyse on the beech marten activity in the garden.

I’ve added a page of record data on which I can a little more info.

Some easy information to log is the date and time of the visit but looking back at the footage there seems to be differences in the tail tip, sometimes bushy and sometimes not. So I have added this.

The bib is also an important identifier. There is an important difference between pine Martens and beech martens in the on Pine Martens the white bib extends backwards between the legs. For beech martens the dark colour of the coat protrudes forward into the white bib.

The info so far indicates as expected that only beech martens have visited the garden. The key difficulty is that the visits to the garden are infrequent and sometimes the images obtained do not provide much information.

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