Beech Marten Sightings

Sighting 11

Date : 29/06/20

Time : 04:39

Description : Filmed at the foot of the fir tree. Potentially leaving the garden through the hedgehog hole which is not visible on the camera.

Sighting 10

Date : 24/06/20

Time : 05:01

Description : Filmed at the foot of the fir tree during a week when we have had very hot weather, temperatures up to 35oC, the marten came in for a drink from the water dish. This was the only video or image recorded so a very fleeting visit, certainly compared with 3rd June. The marten seems to arrive from the direction of the house and also to go back the same way. In this case it didn’t enter of leave via the hole in the fence used by the hedgehogs.

Sighting 9

Date : 03/06/20

Time : 03:30

Description : Filmed at the foot of the fir tree investigating the water and food left out. I had been leaving out a jam sandwich hoping to attract the marten. The day before it was eaten by the hedgehogs. Today it was also largely eaten by the hedgehogs but there was enough left to attract the marten. This was the most complete footage I’ve taken of the marten. It stayed on and off for around 30 minutes.

I even got footage of it climbing up the fir tree.

Sighting 8

Date : 01/06/20

Time : 04:55

Description : Video taken near the fir tree, the marten is seen walking out of the garden exiting into the neighbours garden via the large hole behind the habitat pile.

Sighting 7

Date : 25/04/20

Time : 05:19

Description : The beech marten found the great tit nest box, just after the chicks had hatched and were still present on the nest. Probably attracted by the smell it came to investigate but couldn’t get into the box. Interestingly the box is very close, only a couple of metres from the house.

Sighting 6

Date : 11/11/19

Time : 05:18

Description : Around the fir tree.

Sighting 5

Date : 15/10/19

Time : 06:59

Description : Investigating the food left on the patio for the hedgehog. Entering the shot from the rear of the garden, beneath the table.

Sighting 4

Date : 10/10/19

Time : 22:56

Description : Exiting the garden in the fruit tree corner.

Sighting 3

Date : 10/08/19

Time : 05:41

Description : Around the fir tree.

Sighting 2

Date : 17/04/19

Time : 02:06

Description : Crossing the patio heading towards the fir tree.

Sighting 1

Date : 05/02/19

Time : 02:10

Description : Investigating the water left on the patio area. It seemed to enter from the fruit tree corner and exit on the fir tree corner.

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