Hedgehog Nest Update – 19th April

Another great week. The hedgehog is still nesting in the hedgehog house, it’s still the same one, and I’m still able to watch the comings and goings from the trail camera. The hedgehog, which has been in-situ since the start of April is now staying basically everyday. Unfortunately I can’t see into the nest butContinue reading “Hedgehog Nest Update – 19th April”

The first Beech Marten sighting of 2021

It was horrible and wet but last night I have had my first ‘recorded’ Beech Marten sighting of 2021. I caught a brief glimpse of a Marten actually in the neighbours garden, so technically not in my garden but I’m counting it anyway. Because it was in the neighbours garden and the weather was soContinue reading “The first Beech Marten sighting of 2021”

Hedgehog Nest Update – 27th March

Since the nest building was completed on Monday the hedgehog has been staying but not permanently. I’m trying to track the movements from the trail camera. The Hedgehog has stayed in the house every other daytime following the nest completion. It has stayed on the 22nd, 24th and 26th. It must mean that this hedgehogContinue reading “Hedgehog Nest Update – 27th March”