The Hedgehog Learning Curve – Correcting a few Mistakes

There continues to be plenty of hedgehog activity but the nesting house has not been used since the 5th October. I have however seen a hedgehog in the garden gathering nesting material. As I can’t imagine that it is taking the material very far, coupled with the hedgehog regularly turning up in my garden asContinue reading “The Hedgehog Learning Curve – Correcting a few Mistakes”

Inside the mouth of a Hedgehog

Recently I had been getting a bit concerned about the activity in the hedgehog feeding station. The food was certainly getting eaten but the trail cameras where not picking up many hedgehogs entering or leaving. I know that the trail cameras are not alwaya reliable but I thought that perhaps the food may be beingContinue reading “Inside the mouth of a Hedgehog”

Arrival of Autumn – Big Time for Hedgehogs

After a long hot summer in Paris, with really very little rain, Autumn has now well and truly set in. We’ve had a couple of weeks of cold, wet and windy weather to mark this change in the season, which I admit I find rather welcome. Not just because I’m not as hot but becauseContinue reading “Arrival of Autumn – Big Time for Hedgehogs”

Chatou Nature Update – 08/09/20

I’ve not been blogging during the summer but I am still keeping up with the garden nature project, and also updating the website logs, records and information. I’ve had a few Beech Marten sightings since the last blog  and I’ve gathered enough info to create a more detailed records page.  The conclusions of my initial,Continue reading “Chatou Nature Update – 08/09/20”