Fox Log

Sunday 15/05/22

Weather : Very Warm sunny weather, no rain.

Notes : Happily the fox did come back, although only for 1 visit this week, but it is obviously still around.

I had been leaving out an egg nearly every night, I think the only night I forgot was the night the fox actually visited.

Sunday 08/05/22

Weather : Warm, still very little rain.

Notes : I’ve been leaving out the egg every night this week but I’ve only had 1 fox visit, during the night of 2nd-3rd May. Nothing since.

It is highly possible that the fox who has been visiting has now moved on and I’ll have to wait another 2 years to see another.

I’ll keep going again with the egg this week but this risks to be a very short log.

Sunday 01/05/22

Weather : Slightly cooler weather, no rain.

Notes : It’s almost exactly 2 years since I started this blog, recording all of the various visitors to the garden, and on the 18th April this year my first fox arrived. Happily recorded here.

It’s not particularly unusual in a suburban environment to have a fox but I had never seen one here and I just thought that perhaps this wasn’t a good area for them. I was absolutely delighted to start having a visitor.

Since that first visit I’ve seen it on several occasions, I assume the same individual, although perhaps I’m mistaken and I’ve not been able to identify it as a male or a female.

My first priority was to keep it coming back so I wanted to leave out some food. I decided to go with a hen’s egg which I’ve been leaving out now on most nights.

The Fox doesn’t make an appearance every night but when it does come by it’s very happy to take the egg.

I also set up a camera giving more of a general view of the garden, including the pond, to give a better view of its’ movements in the garden. In the video below he has a little scoot around and definitely takes a drink from the pond.

Hopefully the presence of readily available food and water will keep it coming back to the garden.

By keeping this log I’ll try to keep recording the movements and hopefully learn a thing or two from watching. I should start by trying to sex the fox in question and also to identify it, to be sure that it is the same fox. For the identification I need to look closely at the facial markings.

For determining the sex, I’m really not sure. I’ll need to do some more reading on this. My fox education starts now.

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