Garden Bird info

Of course when looking at nature in our gardens one of the first, if not the first thing we start noticing is the birds.

We have been in the house for 4 years and I have logged quite a few different birds in the garden. Obviously many of the very common birds, Robins, Jays, blue tits, Magpie’s, Song Thrush, et, a few typical pictures below.

I’ve also seen a few more exotic birds such as Goldcrests and firecrests. For a while we also had a regular colony of crested tits, a rare bird in the UK but much more common in France. However unfortunately the neighbours cut down their fir tree and the crested tits are now rarely seen. An example of the direct impact of habitat loss. A fleeting visit was captured below in September 19, after the loss of the tree.

Crested Tit on the Bird bath

As I try and improve the natural habitat in the garden it should have a positive impact on the birds. I’ve installed several features which encourage insects, compost heaps and log piles, and the more insects we have the more birds should follow.

I’m also a regular bird feeder, with several feeding stations dotted around the garden. I try and keep the food off the ground so as not to encourage rats and mice. I have a pedestal bird table and several nagging bird feeders at the front and back of the house.

Of course I’ve also installed several nest boxes of different shapes and sizes. Some for hole nesting birds and some open fronted boxes.

Since being here we have always had a pair of great Tits nest in one of the boxes in the back garden and also a second pair which nest in the roof at the front of the house.

Great Tits on the Nest Box

I’ve never had any luck with the other nest boxes. If they are not used over 1-2 seasons I live to move them around and try a different location, I’m constantly hoping to find a luck spot for a Wren’s, Robin or Dunnock’s nest.

We do have a large Ivy hedge at the back of the house and I’ve sometimes seen birds building nests in this natural site. This is still great but I enjoy the possibility of installing a video camera to watch the birds nest which is only really possible when a box is used.

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