Hedgehog Info

I guess most people are familiar with hedgehogs and would know one if they saw it but for the avoidance of doubt an image is included below.

As we all should know hedgehogs are great for the garden, particularly because they eat slugs, of which we have lots in Chatou. They hibernate during winter from around November to March although I think they can still be active to some extend during these months, notably during mild periods.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and it is rare to see one active during daylight. In fact if one is active during daylight it is normally a bad sign and indicates a hedgehog in ill health needing attention.

Hedgehogs have always been regular visitors to my garden and I’m sure that I have several different individuals. I have also encouraged them by installing hedgehog house and by leaving our hedgehog food, mainly biscuits and water. I also cut a few holes in the fences around the garden to help them move in and out. However unfortunately on several sides of the garden we are constrained by brick walls which they can’t pass.

I have amassed lots of trail camera footage over the years of the various hedgehogs scurrying around. I have occasionally seen two hedgehogs together on camera something which always seems to result in some form of confrontation, a typical example below.

I’m not sure that I have ever seen baby hedgehogs or that the garden has been used as a nesting site. That would be fantastic, if It happened.

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