Hedgehog Records

After quite some time watching and recording videos of the hedgehogs in the garden I’ve decided to try and make some more specific records of the activity.

I’ve permanently set-up a trail camera in a spot pointing towards the fir tree in the corner of the garden. It covers the tree, the hedgehog passage into the neighbours garden, the water dish and the hedgehog feeding station. It is also a good spot to keep an eye on the Beech Marten activity.

I’ve selected an initial set of data to start recording shown in the table below. I will try and make the record everyday but I can anticipate that on some days I will not be able to, when I will mark ‘No Records’.

The dates show are the ‘Night of’. That is to say the ‘Night of 31/08’ is the evening of the 31/08 and the morning of the 01/09. The time of dawn is the time of dawn on 01/09.

The ‘No of records’ is the number of video segments recorded on the trail cam with a hedgehog visible on camera.

The ‘No of Different Individuals’ is going to have to be my best guess. It is difficult to be accurate when the same hedgehog may be present in different visits separated by several hours. At these times it is not clear whether it is the same or different individual. I will do my best.

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