Mouse House

After watching the mice scampering around the garden all last year I decided to make a little mouse house to try and temp them in. The box was made during January 2021 for 15mm ply wood. I had the local hardware shop cut the pieces to size and I then assembled everything at home.

 Hesitated over the hole size but in the end I went for 25mm. It is important that it is small enough to keep rats out but not too small for the mice. I think 25mm will be fine. I also added some air holes at the end of the box furthest away from the entry hole. I treated the outside of the box with a typical wood protector.

I installed the box right at the bottom of the habitat pile next to the hole in the fence used by the hedgehogs. The habitat pile is made up of twigs and cuttings taken from the garden bushes and I’ve seen mice in and around it many times. It is an ideal environment for them.

Once installed I piled on another bunch of twigs so that it is completely hidden.

A video camera of the type shown below is installed in the box to offer a view of the inside.

As a final touch I put some shredded newspaper into the box, L’equipe circa 2015, to provide some cozy bedding material. I like having material in the box as it is easy to spot any disturbance and therefore activity.

The view inside the installed box is shown below.

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