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Robin Nest Day 9

The Robin nest is doing great, 5 eggs have been laid, the fifth arriving this morning with a first sighting at 08:30. Today a significant change occurred and the Female Robin, instead of being absent from the nest all day, starting to incubate the eggs. This signifies that no more eggs will be laid, weContinue reading “Robin Nest Day 9”

Robin Nest Day 6

As predicted, but still good news, the second egg was laid this morning. The Robin is very regular in its movements. It arrives in the Nest between 07:30-08:00 in the morning and leaves after laying an egg, yesterday at 08:09 and today 08:21. Very consistent. Apart from the egg laying moment the Robin is notContinue reading “Robin Nest Day 6”

Robin Nest Day 5

The Robin again spent 30 minutes on the nest early this morning at 08:00, this time leaving a present, the first egg. It’s normal for the Robins to lay their eggs early in the morning and as a typical clutch size is 3-5 eggs, each laid on a separate day, there should normally be additionalContinue reading “Robin Nest Day 5”

Robin Nest Day 2

I had pretty much given up hope of having a bird’s nest in one of my boxes this year. Certainly the Great Tit/Blue Tit box, for the first year ever, had no takers and I have also drawn a blank again this year with my Swift nest box, although there are plenty of swifts around.Continue reading “Robin Nest Day 2”


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