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A New Tenant

There is a new tenant in the hedgehog house who arrived during the night of the 25-26th August. The nest building started during the night quite rapidly. On the evening of the 25th the box was largely empty but by the following morning the hedgehog had already built enough of a nest to stay duringContinue reading “A New Tenant”

Update on the Hedgehogs

The presence of my two cats, which now roam outdoors has had a negative impact on the birds and mice but the hedgehogs are not at all bothered. They are an object of fascination for the cats but nothing more. And there is still a lot of activity in the garden. When I started capturingContinue reading “Update on the Hedgehogs”


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Hi, I’m James. The proud owner of a small suburban garden on the outskirts of Paris. I’ve created this blog to record the natural activity in my garden and to see if I can increase it by making some nature friendly improvements. Living in France but blogging in English, please don’t hesitate to contact me in either Engish or French.

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