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Wrong Again

Perhaps the key reason why I wanted to engage more with nature in my garden, and then to write about it in this blog, was that I thought it would be a great way to learn. But I must admit that as of today my knowledge is not vast. I’m constantly blown away and humbledContinue reading “Wrong Again”

Crested Tits

Last week was the return of the Parakeets but this week an even better return to the garden. Crested Tits, seen below on the feeder camera. Coming from the UK, where these birds are really rare, I’ve never really got over the excitement of being able to see Crested Tits in my garden. Throughout theContinue reading “Crested Tits”

Hibernating Hedgehogs

After a period of no hedgehog sightings in the garden it seems safe to confirm that the hibernation period has started for the Winter. At least for my local hogs. The last time I recorded any activity in the garden was the night of the 28-29th October, So I’m going to call 29th October asContinue reading “Hibernating Hedgehogs”

Parakeets are Back

I’ve spent a lot of time watching the bird feeder action this week and although no new birds have turned up in the garden the Parakeets have made a bit of a return. They are not fully back in their previous numbers but when they do come in they seem to be the dominant forceContinue reading “Parakeets are Back”


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Hi, I’m James. The proud owner of a small suburban garden on the outskirts of Paris. I’ve created this blog to record the natural activity in my garden and to see if I can increase it by making some nature friendly improvements. Living in France but blogging in English, please don’t hesitate to contact me in either Engish or French.

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