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Perhaps the most exotic, but also one of the most frequent bird visitors I have in the garden are Ring Necked Parakeets. A large and very striking bright green bird which looks completely out of place in our often cold and damp environment. Yet they are resident to my garden and often descend in noisy,Continue reading “Parakeets”

Garden Bird Watch Weekend

I’ve often mentioned, or perhaps gone on at great and boring length, about keeping records of the activity in the garden, and of course I do this for the birds. I’ve also tried to encourage all of my lovely blog followers to do the same. Well great news is upon us. Next Weekend, not thisContinue reading “Garden Bird Watch Weekend”

The Depths of Winter

Pretty much bang on Mid winter here and although the hedgehogs are firmly asleep there is still activity to be found. One of my favourite things about watching nature in the garden is seeing regularly visitors which I’ve always understood to be rare. Or I should say which are rare where I come from inContinue reading “The Depths of Winter”

Cold Weather Arrives

Our first cold snap of the winter arrived a few days ago and looks set to continue for at least the next week. We should have regular overnight frosts and potentially some snow. Apart from the fact that I really like snow, I have been waiting for such a change in weather to see ifContinue reading “Cold Weather Arrives”


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Hi, I’m James. The proud owner of a small suburban garden on the outskirts of Paris. I’ve created this blog to record the natural activity in my garden and to see if I can increase it by making some nature friendly improvements. Living in France but blogging in English, please don’t hesitate to contact me in either Engish or French.

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