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Summer for the Pond

My main hesitation before installation the pond was that I would just be creating a perfect habitat for mosquitoes, of which we already had plenty. We’re right now at peak ‘mozzie’ in the garden I can say that although there are still plenty, I’m not sure that there are more and the benefits of theContinue reading “Summer for the Pond”

Juvenile Hedgehog

This year I didn’t see any family groups visiting the garden during the late spring or early summer and I guess it’s now largely past this point. What I did see over the last week though was a noticeably smaller hedgehog, I guess it must be a young, newly independent individual on some of it’sContinue reading “Juvenile Hedgehog”

Name that Egg

I found a pretty well formed egg on the ground, so of course the question is ‘name that egg’. It’s largely white and shiny, for scale I included the obligatory 1Euro coin in the photo, but the egg measures about 40mm in ‘height’. Very interestingly it is splashed with yellow. But a give away isContinue reading “Name that Egg”

Fox Fight – Postscript

As a postscript to the fox fight, yesterday morning I found this in the middle of my lawn. It’s quite a chunk from the tip of a fox tail. Really unfortunately, but I’m afraid rather typically, I didn’t have any trail cameras out on the night in question, so no images. It may have comeContinue reading “Fox Fight – Postscript”


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Hi, I’m James. The proud owner of a small suburban garden on the outskirts of Paris. I’ve created this blog to record the natural activity in my garden and to see if I can increase it by making some nature friendly improvements. Living in France but blogging in English, please don’t hesitate to contact me in either Engish or French.

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