Swift Log – 2020

Sunday 02/08/20

Weather : Very warm this week, temperatures up to 40oC.

Notes : A quick update to note that the swifts have now well and truly left, I haven’t seen any overhead all week. I’m afraid my record keeping was not exact but I think that the last swift that I saw overhead was on 25th July. So I’ve updated the log with this date for the last sighting in 2020.

Sunday 31/05/20

Weather : Weather : Consistent warm sunny weather all week. Warmer than normal for the season and no rain.

Notes : Lots of swifts are present, often circling about my house but I’m afraid that no interest has been shown in the nest box and I think that we are now a bit too late in the season. Therefore I think that year 1 of the swift nest box experiment is coming to a close.

As said previously the box is quite badly sited and also I have not been very conscientious in playing the recording of the swift calls. I think in an ideal world I should be playing them every morning and evening to try and attract the birds to this new nesting site. In reality I’ve only played the calls on a few evenings. I’m afraid part of the limitation of my suburban location is that I really do not want to overly bother my neighbours.

I will likely try and few more evenings and after that I will have to satisfy myself with watching the birds from afar. I will look to reposition the box before the next season as I think that it would help.

Therefore I’m going to stop this specific log of the Swift activity. I have an overall log of the garden bird activity which I will add to the webpage soon and I will note any important observation there. I will only start following the swift again this year in the unlikely event that they start using the nest box.

Sunday 24/05/20

Weather : Starting chilly but then developing to very warm weather. High temperatures for the time of year.

Notes : It’s really quite late in the year for a first log entry. The swifts have been around for about 3 weeks already, normally circling quite high in very typical fashion.

I have a downloaded a recording of swift calls which I have been playing some evenings this week to try and attract the birds to the nesting box. I think ideally I should be playing it every morning and evening but really I have only managed it on some evenings. Although I do manage to get the speaker close the box.

In general I’m quite skeptical that this will work and that I will get a swift nest. This is partly because I’m really not playing the swift calls enough and also because I think that the nest box is not installed close enough to the eves of the house. Basically I couldn’t get access so I had to install the box lower.

The swifts have arrived around 2-3 weeks ago and will need to be nesting soon as they depart on the migration back to Africa by the end of July or early August. Therefore If I do not see any activity in the box in the next couple of weeks I think it will be the end of the possibilities for this year.

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