Wood Mouse Log – 2020

Sunday 13/09/20

Weather : Warm and sunny all week. No rain.

Notes : I will not be making a weekly log update for the mouse activity, simply because with all the various logs and records to keep up to date I need to priorities slightly! However I will make an entry for any week when there is notably activity and I have supporting video or photos.

Just to start the log I will create a record for this week although the mouse activity has not been enormous. I have seen two separate individuals feeding at the same time on the seeds which have fallen from the bird feeders. It is a popular location for the mice, I have seen them there earlier in the year, and they either have a nest or a food store in the nearby wall. They dart in and out of a crack where two sections of the wall join. However this week I have no actually footage of them.

The only footage I have is in an entirely different location on the other side of the garden. This time in the habitat pile close to the hedgehog passage into the neighbours garden.

You can see the mouse in the video below, look for the eyes.

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