Wood Mouse Log

Sunday 21/02/21

Weather: Warm week, sunny with only a little rain. Spring!

Notes: Several more visits by the mouse in the house this week. A personal favourite below.

Each time the mouse seems to have a good look round but only ever stays for a minute. So no real indication that it is interested in the location as a nest site.

Sunday 14/02/21

Weather: Very Cold all week. Snow on the ground and freezing temperatures at night.

Notes: The mouse has been into the house. Success. I’ve seen a mouse on the camera a couple of times but I only managed to record one good sequence.

Unfortunately the cats were straight away onto the scent, so it will of course be a cat and mouse battle.

Sunday 07/02/21

Weather: Very wet again this week lots of rain.

Notes: Still nothing in the mouse house but again I recorded a visit to the hedgehog house.

I did record a mouse in the habitat pile on one night last week, the eyes were clearly visible on the hedgehog camera. So this was encouraging, they are definitely in or using the habitat pile.

To try and encourage them to come and check out the mouse house I placed a few peanuts next to the entrance. Hoping that it helps.

Sunday 31/01/21

Weather: Warmer but much wetter again this week. Lots of Rain.

Notes: No mouse activity in the mouse house but I did capture a short video of a mouse visiting the hedgehog house during the night.

I assume that it is a wood mouse but the markings are quite strange with several obvious darker patches on the fur.

It does indicate that the mice are still occasionally active at this time.

Sunday 24/01/21

Weather: Cold and week all week. A couple of snow flurries

Notes: No mouse activity to report but the update of the week is that I’ve installed a camera equiped mouse house in the garden.

After thinking about which activity I may reasonably expect to be able to capture on camera, and understanding that the mice are very active in the garden, I thought there might be a chance to get them to use a prepared box. I therefore made and installed one, although obviously we have to call it a mouse house.

All the details of the mouse house are available here.

I installed it on the 20th January and as of yet I’ve not had any signs of activity, but the year is long and I’ll be patient. I’ve installed it in the habitat pile which I think is a good location and if I’m lucky they may use if as one of their food storage places or even a nest site.

I’ve included below a shot of inside the box as it is now, I provided the shredded newspaper as a bedding material.

Sunday 03/01/21

Weather: First cold snap of the year started from Friday. Temperatures regularly below 0oC at night. Plenty of rain.

Notes: Captured the activity of a mouse on the Hedgehog trail camera during the night of 2nd-3rd January. It was a cold damp night but no frost with the temperature staying above freezing.

The mouse was probably taking stray seeds from underneath the bird feeders, which is just behind this camera view. The last video segment I got was the mouse entering the habitat pile just to the right of the hedgehog fence hole.

They are seldom seen as this time of the year so it was reassuring to see some activity and also that the habitat pile is still being used. I hope that the mouse is using it as one of its nest sites.

Sunday 13/12/20

Weather: Generally cold and wet and the first overnight frost of the year.

Notes: I have been leaving the trail cameras out every night but I have recorded very little activity. The hedgehogs are hibernating and the beech marten has not visited for a couple of months.

Wood mice do not hibernate and although they are less active at this time of year, they are still active. Even then I have seen very little of them but this week I did get a short video of one showing that they are of course still there.

Sunday 18/10/20

Weather : drier this week although with some colder temperatures.

Notes : I would say that there has been slightly less mouse activity in the garden during this autumn period compared to the spring. I have spotted some mice from time to time mainly caught on the trail cameras pointed at the habitat pile and compost heap.

As an experiment I placed a still camera in the compost heap to see what was going on inside. Straight away on the first night I got several pictures of a mouse taking from the top of the heap.

There are lots of potential nest sites around the compost heap, including the habitat pile. Added to the supply of food available from the heap it is not surprising that it is an active site for the mice.

Sunday 13/09/20

Weather : Warm and sunny all week. No rain.

Notes : I will not be making a weekly log update for the mouse activity, simply because with all the various logs and records to keep up to date I need to prioritise slightly! However I will make an entry for any week when there is notably activity and I have supporting video or photos.

Just to start the log I will create a record for this week although the mouse activity has not been enormous. I have seen two separate individuals feeding at the same time on the seeds which have fallen from the bird feeders. It is a popular location for the mice, I have seen them there earlier in the year, and they either have a nest or a food store in the nearby wall. They dart in and out of a crack where two sections of the wall join. However this week I have no actually footage of them.

The only footage I have is in an entirely different location on the other side of the garden. This time in the habitat pile close to the hedgehog passage into the neighbours garden.

You can see the mouse in the video below, look for the eyes.

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